The Liberal Democrats have successfully negotiated a total of £1.3 million of budget amends, including £800,000 for measures that will help to keep people safe. 

At today’s County Council meeting, Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats pushed for more than £2million of funding amendments, and successfully argued for £1.3m for new or enhanced schemes. 

Included in this is £800,000 for schemes associated with keeping people safe, including:

  • Increased Highways Local of £10,000 per division (totalling £530,000) giving communities a greater say over how their highways money is spent, including on road safety schemes.
  • A £100,000 fund to create 20mph speed zones in neighbourhoods across Gloucestershire
  • £100,000 to expand school street schemes to those districts that have not benefited from pilots – including the Cotswolds, Stroud and the Forest of Dean.
  • Nearly £70,000 to be spent on removing barriers to mobility

In addition to schemes to keep people safe, Gloucestershire Lib Dems also secured:

  • £100,000 to support children’s development in their first 1,000 days
  • £100,000 to support children at risk of exclusion and help them reintegrate into the school
  • £265,000 for a Covid Community Recovery fund - £5,000 to be allocated in each division
  • £33,000 to cancel the proposed 3 per cent hike to residents parking permits.

Commented on the successes, Cllr Paul Hodgkinson said:

“This is a great result for Gloucestershire’s residents, and all down to the hard work of Liberal Democrat councillors on the County Council. 

“I am particularly delighted that we have managed to secure £800,000 for projects that will help keep people safe.  A lesson from the pandemic has been the importance of looking out for each other, and the role of local councils in protecting our residents. 

“This money will make a real difference to public safety across the county; from communities that want to slow down traffic in their neighbourhoods, to children who just want to travel to school safely, this extra funding will change lives for the better.”

Cllr Nigel Robbins, Group Finance spokesperson added:

“While these amendments reflect only a tiny portion of what we would like to achieve in office, these are exciting schemes that greatly improve the existing budget.

“I am especially pleased to see early years and exclusions receive attention.  I know first-hand of the financial pressure our schools are under, and for many there aren’t the resources to help children catch up, or provide additional support for those at risk of exclusion.  These amendments should help enormously.

“I’m also delighted that we have secured an extra £265,000 to help our communities organisations, that were sadly overlooked during the pandemic restrictions.”




Proposed Funding

Agreed funding


Keeping people safe

Highways Local of 30k per councillor




Funding to create 20mph zones




Fund tangible actions from the “barriers to mobility” report




Extend School Streets pilot to each district





Pilot of additional support for children at risk of exclusion




Early years and first 1000 days.  School readiness shocking in certain areas of the county. 




Community Recovery

“Covid Community Recovery” fund. 





Cancelling increase in parking permits while maintaining levels of enforcement.








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