Campaign launched to clear Gloucestershire’s dangerously unreadable road signs

Gloucestershire Lib Dems launch campaign to get county’s road-signs clear of dangerous foliage and avoid accidents-waiting-to-happen.

Every year across Gloucestershire, motorists are presented with scores of signs completely obscured by foliage.  Now Cllr Paul Hodgkinson, leader of Gloucestershire Lib Dems, has launched a campaign calling on the Tory administration to get their roads in order and prioritise clearing signs that are dangerously hidden from view.

Commenting on the shocking state of the road signage, Cllr Hodgkinson (Bourton and Northleach) said:

“Travelling around the county, Lib Dem councillors have observed so many signs completely hidden by unchecked plant growth or so faded and dirty that you can’t read them at all.

“An obscured ‘STOP’, ‘Give Way’ or speed sign doesn’t just look a mess, but is a clear and present danger for anyone using our road-network, particularly tourists who are not familiar with the route.

“Every year I raise this with the Tory-run council, yet little is done about it.  I would therefore encourage all residents to share their examples of covered or dirty road signs so we can make this administration take the issue seriously.”


Gloucestershire residents wanting to send pictures of obscured signs can send them in to  When taking pictures, residents are all advised to take care and not put themselves or any other road users at risk

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