Bishops Cleeve Primary School Campaign Win

After tireless work and campaigning from Lib Dem Councillors Richard Stanley and Helen Munro, Bishop’s Cleeve Parish Council, and local residents across the area, Gloucestershire County Council has finally agreed to build the much-needed new primary school near the new homes at the north of Bishop’s Cleeve.

Alex Hegenbarth, County Council candidate for the Bishop's Cleeve division, said "This is such fantastic news for our area and has only come about thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Lib Dem Borough Councillors.”

The County Council had originally planned to build the school on Kayte Lane, a site located on the opposite side of the village that is prone to flooding, but thanks to the constant campaigning of local Lib Dems the site will now be close to the new developments.

Alex added “Hopefully the proposed carbon neutral school will be close enough to the new homes to encourage more walking and cycling, and so reduce the amount of traffic that would have ended up going through the village.”

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