This manifesto is more than just hopes and ideals, it is a roadmap to getting Gloucestershire back on its feet after the Covid-19 pandemic and 16 years of Conservative withdrawal from the community. 

As we recover from the global pandemic, these elections find us at a critical turning point.  Under the Liberal Democrats the County Council would: truly tackle the climate emergency rather than fiddling at the edges; fix the roads and create a county-wide green transport network; protect our most vulnerable in society and create an outstanding education system that gives every child the chance to be the best they can be. 

Gloucestershire has extraordinary potential, and the County Council can do so much more to ensure it maximises that, while ensuring that no-one is left behind as we grow sustainably.

Gloucestershire deserves so much better than the broken promises of the last 16 years.  Your vote on 6 May can change all of that.


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