At last week’s Full Council, the Cabinet Member responsible for Climate Change admitted that they have yet to oversee a single tree being planted, meaning they are now running more than 1.3 million trees behind schedule.

At Wednesday’s meeting, under questioning from Cllr Paul Hodgkinson, Cllr Nigel Moor admitted that Gloucestershire County Council has yet to oversee a single tree being planted in the county, more than four months on from pledging to plant 35 million trees by 2030. 

Despite not managing to plant any trees, the County Council has overseen the removal of more than 3,000 across the county.

In order to meet the 35 million tree target by 2030, 10,000 trees need to planted every single day for 10 years.  Having failed to plant any trees in over 130 days means that the council is already 1.3 million trees behind schedule.

Commenting on this failure, Cllr Paul Hodgkinson said,

‘For months the Lib Dems have been holding this Conservative administration to account on their promise to plant 35 million trees by 2030.  To achieve this commendable target, more than 10,000 trees need to be planted every day, yet four months later not a single tree has been planted.

‘During the meeting, the Cabinet Member claimed to “despair” of questions, presumably because he doesn’t want the public to know how poorly this administration has performed.  Instead it is Gloucestershire residents who should despair, as we have no time to waste in the fight to tackle the climate emergency. 

‘In power, the Liberal Democrats would throw the full force of the council into meeting these targets and building back greener; because Gloucestershire deserves action, not just Tory hot air.’  

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