Tackling poverty and deprivation in Gloucestershire

Motion proposed by Councillors David Willingham and Jeremy Hilton at 8 September Full Council.

Proposed by Cllr David Willingham

Seconded by Cllr Jeremy Hilton

This Council notes that despite Gloucestershire being a relatively affluent county, based upon the 2019 Indices of Multiple Deprivation for England, there are 12 areas in the 10 per cent most deprived areas.  These areas account for 19,415 people which is 3.1 per cent of the county’s population. 

This Council further notes that some areas have been in the 10 per cent most deprived areas in the 2010, 2015 and 2019 Indices of Multiple Deprivation, suggesting that there are structural or long-term issues and that the communities in those areas need more sustained support and investment.

This Council is deeply concerned about the causes of poverty and deprivation, the detrimental effects this has on individuals, communities and upon the prospects of future generations.

This Council notes that working on its own, it is unlikely to be able to tackle these issues, but that other local authorities have set-up multi-agency partnership groups, and produced “Tackling Poverty” strategy documents.

Therefore, Council resolves to:

  • create a multi-agency “Gloucestershire Tackling Deprivation and Poverty Strategy Group” that is tasked with performing needs assessments and producing the “Gloucestershire Tackling Deprivation and Poverty Strategy 2022-2030”. This should include stakeholders from the six district authorities, the Police, Health, and other stakeholders as appropriate. 
  • set a target that it will invest and work with partners and stakeholders with the objective of making continuous progress towards getting and keeping all parts of Gloucestershire out of the 10 per cent most deprived parts of England in subsequent Indices of Multiple Deprivation.
  • bring regular progress reports to Corporate Overview and Scrutiny – which has the ability to refer on to Cabinet to enact the recommendations – and subsequently to Full Council.

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