Freeze parking charges say Lib Dems

Liberal Democrats have called for a freeze in the cost of on-street car parking charges across Gloucestershire for the next four years and also requested that the annual cost of residents’ parking permits be cut by £30.


The move is made in a notice of motion being put to the full meeting of the county council on the 19th of June by Liberal Democrat councillors.

The mover of the motion, Cllr. Jeremy Hilton (Kingsholm & Wotton) said:

“Freezing car-parking charges was one of our top six manifesto pledges. The county council earns a profit of more than £1.5 million from on-street car parking charges. It can well afford to freeze charges for the next four years.

“In Gloucestershire 3,400 residents’ parking permits are issued each year. The annual fee for a permit is £80. This has risen from £62 in 2010. Liberal Democrats believe the charge is too much and want to see the fee dropped to £50 per year. In a survey done in my own division of Kingsholm & Wotton in Gloucester 80% of residents said the cost of a permit should be £50 or less.”

Klara Sudbury (Charlton Park & College) who will second the motion said:

“The cost of parking on the streets in Cheltenham is far too high. It is time the county council stopped treating our streets like a cash cow. Reducing the fee for residents parking permits from £80 to £50 will help many hard pressed families who live in the centre of Cheltenham.”

Notice of Motion

"That this council notes that both the Conservative and Liberal Democrat manifestos proposed the freezing of on-street car parking charges for the life of this council.

Council asks the cabinet to confirm that there will be no rises in on-street car parking charges for the next four years

Council also asks the cabinet to consider reducing the annual charge for residents’ parking permits from the current fee of £80 to £50.”

Proposed by Jeremy Hilton

Seconded by Klara Sudbury

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