Protecting Gloucestershire's Hospital walk-in-services

Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats recently brought forward a motion calling on Gloucestershire’s Clinical Commissioning Group and Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to protect the walk-in services currently provided by the county’s two Accident and Emergency departments and seven community hospitals. 

Introduced by Cllrs Joe Harris and Iain Dobie, the motion, “Protecting Gloucestershire hospitals’ walk-in-services,” was supported by members from across the political divide.  The motion, which called for Cheltenham’s A&E to be protected, along with services for walk-in-patients at all seven community hospitals, will now go to the Health and Overview Scrutiny Committee for further examination. 

Reflecting on the success, Cllr Joe Harris (Cirencester Park) said:

Cllr Harris: “Local hospitals are the beating heart of communities all across Gloucestershire.  It is vital that the county’s health service does not lose sight of this and, as a minimum, retains the current level of service at all nine hospitals.  I was pleased that councillors from all parties spoke so forcefully on this issue, and I look forward to the matter being further discussed at the Council’s Health and Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee.”

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