Just warm words on housing from Theresa May

Liberal Democrats are calling on the government to reform their ‘Right to Buy ‘scheme and ensure all affordable homes that are sold are replaced.

Cheltenham County Councillor Suzanne Williams said: "Solving the housing crisis by providing more council houses is something that Liberal Democrats have been calling for over many years.

"The Tories have tried to spin this as a revolution, but the funding that was announced by Theresa May at the Tory Conference equates to about 15 council houses per council, which is hopeless when we have thousands on our waiting list.


"The government must reform ‘Right to Buy’ by allowing local councils to suspend it if they want, and provide enough funding to ensure that all homes sold are replaced.

“We must also ensure local authorities and housing associations can borrow the money needed to build more social housing.”

“Everyone agrees that more low cost homes need to be built. What we need is less warm words from Theresa May and more action to solve the current housing crisis”

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