Gloucestershire’s Lib Dems call for a People’s Vote on the terms of Brexit

Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats are bringing forward a motion, calling for Gloucestershire County Council to support a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal. 


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Gloucestershire’s Lib Dems call for greater recognition and understanding of Type 1 Diabetes

Approximately six per cent of the UK population is living with diabetes, and of this number people with type 1 diabetes accounts for only approximately 10 per cent.  While lifestyle choices can increase a persons risk of developing type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease which bears no relation to excess body weight. 


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Pedal Power - Glos Lib Dems call for road improvements to encourage more to commute by bike

Today is the UK’s Cycle to Work day, one of the largest events in the bike calendar.  An annual celebration of cycling, every year the event sees thousands of workers ditch the car and cycle to work instead. 


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Gloucestershire 2050 Consultation - Liberal Democrats call for rapid rail

Gloucestershire’s Liberal Democrat group has responded to the Gloucestershire 2050 consultation.  While, commending the Council for starting the conversation on the strategic vision for the county, the group are troubled by reports that the county’s young residents have had no say in the final proposals. 



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"Cyclists don’t know what a pothole is” says Highways boss

Gloucestershire’s pothole plague isn’t as bad as it might appear, in part because “Cyclists don’t know what a pothole is” according to the Cabinet Member for Highways, Cllr Smith.


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Gloucestershire Lib Dems call for safeguards to ensure recyclable waste not incinerated

Gloucestershire’s Liberal Democrats are calling for safeguards to ensure that recoverable recyclable waste is not burnt in the Javelin Park incinerator. 


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Gloucestershire Lib Dems call for more action on vehicles passing too close to cyclists while overtaking

Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats are bringing forward a motion calling for a wider roll-out of Operation Close Pass, a pioneering initiative introduced by West Midlands Police to educate drivers on safe overtaking distances of cyclists. 


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Gloucestershire’s Lib Dems call for end to red tape slowing down refugee relocation pledge

In 2015, Gloucestershire County Council, along with the six district councils and partners in health, pledged to relocate 140 families on the Syrian Refugee resettlement programme, within the county.  Gloucestershire County Council is celebrating this pledge and the success stories in its Corporate Report.  However, halfway through this scheme only 37 families, around 25 per cent of the target, have been found new homes in Gloucestershire. 


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Gloucestershire Lib Dems call on Home Secretary to give police the resources they need

Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats are bringing forward a motion at the County Council meeting on 16 May, calling for a reversal in cuts to the county’s already stretched police force.  key_pauldavid.jpg

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Air Quality Report approved by Scrutiny Committee

Tackling air pollution in Gloucestershire from vehicle emissions is set to be an important priority for Gloucestershire County Council after the report of the air pollution task group, chaired by Cllr. Jeremy Hilton (Lib Dem Kingsholm & Wotton), was yesterday approved by the Environment and Communities Scrutiny Committee.


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