‘Current School Funding System deemed as Unfair’ say Liberal Democrats

In the spending review last summer, the government announced that it would consult on how to allocate schools funding in a fairer way. The aim of the extra cash is to address funding disparities at a national level.


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The Monitoring and Evaluating of FGM Data Could Help in Raising Public Awareness and Securing Prosecutions

A Lib Dem/Green motion will at full council next Wednesday request for the Council’s Health Committee to monitor and evaluate the data collected by the county’s acute hospitals of injuries suffered as a consequence of the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM).


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“Utilising the SkillZone Facility is about Investing in the Safety of our Children” say Lib Dems

A Liberal Democrat proposal costing £35K to give all Year 5 children at Gloucestershire’s primary schools the opportunity to attend a session at the SkillZone in 2014/2005 was given the green light at last week’s budget setting council meeting.


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‘An extra £1million for Highways is needed’ say Lib Dems

Liberal Democrats on Gloucestershire County Council will at full council on Wednesday propose an additional £1million to be spent on repairing the county’s roads as part of their 2014/2015 budget proposals.


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Package of 2014/2015 Budget Proposals Announced by the Liberal Democrats


The Liberal Democrats on Gloucestershire County Council have today issued their own package of budget proposals and the reasons for such investments. The package, which consists of a number of proposals will be presented by the Liberal Democrats at full council on Wednesday at Shire Hall.

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County Liberal Democrats Call for £1m Investment to Tackle Self-Harm in Children and Young People

The Liberal Democrats on Gloucestershire County Council are calling for an additional £1m investment to reduce the rising numbers of Gloucestershire children and young people who are deliberately hurting themselves (self-harming).


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Gloucester Fire & Rescue Service should remain a county fire brigade

After months of speculation, councillors agreed unanimously that Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service should remain a county brigade under the democratic control of Gloucestershire County Council. There has been a move in some quarters to merge it with a neighbouring fire service.


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‘Let’s not repeat last year’s trial badger cull’ say Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats will at full council next Wednesday call on the council to write to the Secretary of State for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Minister of State for Agriculture and Food opposing any further proposed badger culls.


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Liberal Democrat Statement on the publication of the GCC 2014/2015 Budget by both the Lib Dem Leader of the Group and Spokesperson for Finance and Change:

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group Cllr. Colin Hay (LD: All Saints & Oakley) said that:

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Overwhelming Support Given for Lib Dems Calling to take Urgent Action on A417

A LIBERAL Democrat motion on taking action over the problematic A417 received overwhelming support from members at today’s full council meeting held at Shire Hall.


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