Tories failing to "address critical weaknesses" in Children Services

Councillor Colin Hay, Lib Dem spokesperson for Children and Families, responded to yet another disappointing Ofsted report this morning.

‘Children’s social services in Gloucestershire have been failing for nearly a decade, yet Ofsted’s latest report highlights the County Council’s continuing failure “to address critical weaknesses” in the service.  It seems ever more likely that, if the long-overdue full inspection took place tomorrow, the Conservatives would once again be placed in special measures.

‘It is unacceptable that Ofsted inspectors are still finding children being left in situations of risk for too long, and it’s deeply distressing to learn that the experience for disabled children in care has actually got worse.

‘It’s clear that some areas are improving, and I thank the committed social workers for their hard work; but the improvements are taking too long and are failing too many young people in care. 

‘The Conservatives have been at the helm for all of this time, and need to explain why they didn’t prioritise our county’s most vulnerable children sooner.’

Ofsted's full letter can be found at  

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