Six to Fix

Our priorities if you elect us to represent you on Gloucestershire County Council:

1. Highways, walking, cycling and public transport: We will fix the roads, give walking and cycling the investment they deserve and get people back on public transport safely.

2. Gloucestershire’s economy: We will get Gloucestershire back on its feet after the impact of Covid-19. We will invest in our communities and work with our partners to build back better, bringing more sustainable jobs and high-tech industries to Gloucestershire.

3. Health and Social Care: We will fight for two fully functioning A&Es in Gloucestershire and to enhance the county’s community hospitals, as well as protecting care home residents and staff.

4. Tackling the climate emergency: “We will lead in tackling the Climate Emergency in Gloucestershire, and take responsibility for our impact on the environment.”

5. Children and families: We will fix our broken Children’s Social Services and ensure that every child has the best opportunity to achieve their full potential.

6. Our communities: We will put communities at the heart of decision-making once more.

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